Sources of Self-Worth and Self-Confidence


What is your source of self-worth? Where is your self-confidence born and nourished?

Where do you flourish?

I find the answers to the above questions in the aftermath of devastating experiences. It took me losing my job at a startup company to realize that I found self-worth in a job title.

It took 3 failed relationships for me to realize that having a guy infatuated with me gave me self-confidence. When I lost that infatuation, when we passed the “honeymoon phase,”  my self-confidence decreased.

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Focus – It’s ok to change my mind


I watched a Tedx talk yesterday about “How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals” by Stephen Duneier. The autoplay was on, and another video started while I was cooking. The video was about focus (The art of focus – a crucial ability – Christina Bengtsson).

She said something along the lines of – there are many thoughts traveling through your mind and focus is deciding which one you’re going to pay attention to.

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What I’ve learned about empathy


Have you ever encountered someone who is going through a troubling time (death in the family, serious illness, loss of a job, etc) and felt like you said the wrong thing? I feel like that all of the time!

In 2011, I volunteered at a non-profit that helps women who have survived a sexual assault. As volunteers, we went through an intensive two weekend (40 hours) training before we were allowed to interact with survivors. The main focus of this training was – teaching empathy.

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We can do this together: Self-improvement ideas I’m trying


Good morning! I hope you’re having a great day so far. Every once in awhile, I’d like to check-in and restate my intention for this blog. I’m just getting to know myself now at the age of 33.

I’m leaving behind the person others expected me to be.

I’m defining the person I want to be.

I’m understanding and accepting the person that I am today.

If you’re in a similar place, you’re not alone.

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A Whole Sand Dollar: Healing Discovery about wholeness


On our last vacation, I was walking along the beach alone, on my way to meet my husband and son for breakfast. I saw a lot of broken sand dollars rolling in the waves.

I thought about gathering a few of the broken pieces and gluing them together to make a whole. At this idea, my mind wandered further. I thought about how I’m striving to become whole myself. Continue reading “A Whole Sand Dollar: Healing Discovery about wholeness”

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Failure – Friend or Foe?

header20171008 (1)

Hello, welcome back! How were you taught to look at failure? By taught, I mean how do the people who mattered most to you view failure?

I was taught that failure was evidence. Evidence that you’re doing the wrong thing; that you don’t have what it takes; that you should have played it safe instead of taking a risk; that you are different from the “successful” people and therefore can’t achieve what they can achieve.

Here’s what I’m learning at age 33. Failure is normal. It doesn’t define me unless I let the failure stop me.


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The Hardest Lesson Part 2


Good morning! Thanks for visiting. In my last post, I spoke about the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn. If I’m honest, I’m still re-learning this lesson all of the time. The lesson is: I am not equal to how other people treat me.

Or the actions of others don’t define my value.

The second part of that lesson involves critical comments or unkind remarks. If someone is cutting me down, judging me, criticizing me, or just plain cold, I didn’t do anything to deserve that.  I heard this quote once that when someone speaks ill of another person, they are, “Reporting on themselves.”

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The Hardest Lesson Part 1

Good morning! Today I wanted to share one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever had to learn. The intention for this blog is to bring you along as I get to know myself and take strides to consciously build my life (instead of unconsciously living a life that is thrown at me as I go along). The life I want to build involves giving to the world, easing the burdens of others, loving as much as possible and spreading kindness and compassion to others.

I am not perfect. Being perfect isn’t achievable and it isn’t my goal. Continue reading “The Hardest Lesson Part 1”

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