Putting theory into practice


Hello! I thought I’d start out with a photo I took on our latest vacation as it relates to what I said in my last post. There is one major daily action that I’ve committed to that I wanted to share with you.

That daily action is gratitude. So many thought leaders and experts have explained the benefits of gratitude from how it affects your mood and relationships to how it has been scientifically proven to increase your success and happiness. But like the old knowledge about fruits and vegetables, I’ve known that I should focus on gratitude but I haven’t taken the time to actually do it. I’ve been trying it for the last ten days as a morning daily ritual when I drink my coffee. It takes only 5 minutes. First, I write 3 things I’m grateful for. These can be small 1-3 word responses like “my son’s laugh” or “ocean” or “health.” The next thing I do (I got this idea from an interview that Oprah did with Shawn Achor) is I write down a paragraph where I describe a beautiful experience from the last 24 hours. I write about the sensory details that I felt. This is a great way to record moments with my husband and son that I can read later and it also reminds me what is most important in life. My heart has felt so full when I do this. I also find myself slowing down when I encounter similar moments to savor and enjoy them more.

I haven’t done it long enough to say what the long-term effects are but I can say that I get a lot out of it (especially because it only takes 5 minutes).

What are your daily practices that help you to get the most out of life? How have they changed you over the years? Let me know what you are grateful for! Also, from time to time, I may post some pictures of moments that I’m grateful for. Does this interest you?

Thanks for reading – check back in the next few days when I get personal and discuss the greatest lesson I’ve had to learn so far.

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