A Whole Sand Dollar: Healing Discovery about wholeness


On our last vacation, I was walking along the beach alone, on my way to meet my husband and son for breakfast. I saw a lot of broken sand dollars rolling in the waves.

I thought about gathering a few of the broken pieces and gluing them together to make a whole. At this idea, my mind wandered further. I thought about how I’m striving to become whole myself.

Then I thought, “Can two broken people come together to make a whole?” No, not really. That logic doesn’t flush out. Then I walked on for some time and thought, “Can a person become whole?”

That very second, a sand dollar, complete, whole and unbroken came into view just by my foot. The same color of the sand, she was hard to see. But there she was.

The ocean gets me thinking about these big questions and then sometimes she gives me the answers. That wholeness I seek is there within me. Unbroken. She has gotten tossed around by a few big waves, but she is still there. She made it through. I’ve just got to keep looking for her.

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